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As summer winds down we will begin to see a sign of things to come – specifically, signs marked “Back to School Sale”. With the beginning of August, we know school is not too far away. After a rough year and a half for all of us, I want to invite you to put that behind you and focus on making this school year a comeback year. A fresh start and maybe, just maybe, if you heed my advice, your child’s BEST school year yet.

The past year and a half has forced us to refocus and restructure our lives. We have all experienced a massive interruption to the ebb and flow of our lives, so I invite you and encourage you to not just go back to normal – whether it’s your “new normal” or not – and don’t focus on your past. I want you to look at your child’s coming school year and think of all the ways it can be the best one ever. Some of these ways you already know: less screen time, more outside time, more sleep and better sleep (and included in that less screen time is, most importantly, the two hours before bed), and better nutrition, especially in the morning. No more Captain Crunch, no more boxed cereal. You know it is bad for their brains. It may be convenient, but so would giving them coffee and a donut. Convenient, but horrible. Protein and healthy fats fuel their brain, not sugar-based foods that lead to crashes and cravings. Less fast food and more home cooked meals. I know you’re busy, but this is important.

What about your child’s health care? Have they received back to school checkups? We all know that sports physicals are a big thing, even mandatory – which a good idea. After all, you do want them at their best when they begin to play sports. So, what would a back to school health physical look like? I know what it would look like in my world. I would ask if you have taken them to their chiropractor. If your response is, “Why? They don’t have any back pain,” maybe this will change your thinking. Chiropractic has been shown repeatedly to improve brain function. A study published in 2007 concluded that, “All studies reviewed suggested a positive effect of chiropractic care in individuals suffering from learning disabilities and dyslexia.” If that is true for children with learning disabilities, imagine what it could do for a child without. In addition, imagine the vast improvement in their sports abilities when their bodies are in tune. This leads to greater happiness and enjoyment of the game, not to mention quicker recoveries if they would get injured.

Don’t forget the important place that natural supplements can play in your child’s back-to-school success. It’s amazing how many kids are on drugs for asthma, allergies, ADHD, and autism – and that’s just the “A’s”! Most of these conditions respond well to natural supplements which don’t have any side effects. Remember, a number of ADHD drugs given to children change how their brain works permanently. And I am not talking about in a good way. Unless you have tried natural options, your child has not received the best health care possible. Don’t rely on Dr. Google to give you general information; talk to a functional medicine specialist who has worked with these situations and can give your child an individualized healthcare plan.

We have discussed ways to improve your child’s brain and nervous system (chiropractic), your child’s internal health (supplements and nutrition), their sports performance (chiropractic but also good nutrition), and even their mental health (sleep, stress control, less screen time, and supplements). So, now you have all the tools you need to make this your child’s best school ever. Less stress, less trauma, less problems. More fun, more smiles, better grades, more joy! Bring your child in for an appointment at Burtis Chiropractic. With expertise in all of the topics I’ve mentioned, we can help you make this your child’s healthiest school year ever!

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