You’re having a baby! What a joyous occasion…a miracle in your life! You don’t care what gender it is, as long as it’s healthy. Now you want to do whatever you can to assure you AND the baby are as healthy as possible. You exercise, you get rest, you take your vitamins….. and that’s all, right? NOOOOO!!!!

Chiropractic Can Help

Chiropractic care has been shown to help keep pregnant women feeling good, to help the birth process, and most importantly, ensure the health of your little miracle. That extra weight shifts a woman’s center of gravity forward, resulting in low back pain, pelvis rotation, and other problems that may cause complications during pregnancy. Chiropractic can relieve back pain and help keep your pelvis aligned, it can also help maximize blood flow to the uterus, helping the baby receive enough oxygen and develop like nature intended it to.

One of the most important aspects of pregnancy chiropractors can help with is establishing pelvic balance and alignment. A misaligned pelvis, called intrauterine constraint, can reduce the amount of room for the developing baby, making it more difficult for the baby to get the best possible position for delivery. The nervous system is the master of communications, or the conductor so to speak, of the body, and keeping the spine aligned helps the conductor do his job right.

Benefits for Pregnant Women

Chiropractic can help her maintain a healthier pregnancy, control nausea symptoms, reduce length of labor and delivery, relieve back, neck, and joint pain, and even help prevent possible interventions like a cesarean section (C-section). The more interventions you have during your pregnancy and delivery, the more likely it will be to need some kind of intervention after your delivery. Interventions are artificial ways of assisting delivery, such as forceps, vacuum extraction, epidurals, and C-sections, and they all put unnatural stress on the newborn, and a newborns neck and spine is so weak that it can’t correct these subluxations (vertebra out of place causing nerve interference) by itself, so they need chiropractic care as soon as possible after they are born to minimize complications.

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At Burtis Chiropractic Center we have a table specifically designed for use on women all the way through their 9th month of pregnancy, and are committed to making this special time of your life as comfortable and pain free as possible. So come in and help your baby, and yourself, get to full health and wellness today!

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