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Let Dr. Scott Burtis Help with Your Healthy Eating Plan

Eating healthy is a big part of achieving and maintaining wellness. How about your nutrition? Is your diet “good enough”? Is what your kids are eating “good enough”? And who are you getting your nutritional advice from? Reader’s Digest… Dr. Phil… your 300 lb uncle? While that use to be good enough, how about making sure the person giving you that advice is a trained professional with the experience and education necessary to make those decisions? Someone who is keeping up with the latest research and science?

Professional Nutritionist Advice is Key

I recently completed my Masters Degree in Human Nutrition and I personally spend a few hours a week researching the latest information on nutrition and health, as it changes ever month. Your medical doctor can be a good source, but many are too busy just trying to keep up with the latest information in their field to keep up on nutrition. I found this out the hard way. When asking for advice on nutrition at Mayo Clinic in Rochester for my son while he went through radiation, they gave me incorrect advice that has been outdated for almost twenty years. My personal recommendation is to only ask for nutritional advice from someone with an advanced degree in the nutritional field.

At Burtis Chiropractic Center, you can schedule your own nutritional consult with me. We will go over your diet, supplements, medications, and concerns that you want to address regarding nutrition. I’ve consulted patients suffering from high cholesterol, cancer, teenagers with acne, pregnancy, and others with normal everyday nutritional concerns. No nutritional concern is out of my realm.

Nutritional Talks at Burtis Chiropractic Center

I also hold monthly nutritional talks during the winter months. This past year I covered women’s health, ADD/ADHD, weight management, cancer, Alzheimer’s & dementia, and digestive health. I also am available for nutritional talks at your association or club meetings and will cover any areas of nutrition your interested in.