As a teenager, Dr. Burtis lost both of his parents to cancer. With an interest in helping others, he considered becoming a medical doctor. It wasn’t long, however, before Dr. Burtis became concerned with Western medicine’s emphasis on drugs and surgery. Around the same time, he ran into a classmate from college who had continued onto chiropractic school. “What is that?” Dr. Burtis asked. Soon, he was poring over a book about natural health care and how the power that made the body, heals the body.

We’re designed by God to heal. As long as you eat right and manage your stress, your body can take care of itself.”

Dr. Burtis knew it was exactly what he was looking for, and it inspired him to choose a new path. He enrolled at Northwestern Health Sciences University, graduating as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1987.

The Only Area Chiropractor With a Master’s in Nutrition

Years later, Dr. Burtis’ son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. With an intense desire to help, Dr. Burtis started looking into other avenues and came across the great impact nutrition has on our health. This discovery led to him earning a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition (and a Certification in Functional Medicine), which he puts to great use today for his patients at Burtis Chiropractic Center.

You may have seen his name in articles written for the Fairmont Sentinel, Fairmont Photo Press, Truman Tribune, and Martin County Star. He has also been published internationally in chiropractic journals.


Published Author

In addition to regular articles published in a local newspaper, Dr. Burtis was a contributing author on an article in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition alongside notable nutrition and functional medicine experts like Drs. Richard Johnson, Dale Bredesen, and David Perlmutter, among others. Their article titled Could Alzheimer’s disease be a maladaptation of an evolutionary survival pathway mediated by intracerebral fructose and uric acid metabolism? can be found here.

Involved in the Local Community

Originally from Belle Plaine, Minnesota, Dr. Burtis loves being a resident in the Fairmont area. He enjoys singing at church and supporting the local sports teams. Monica, his wife, is an essential part of the team at Burtis Chiropractic Center. In his spare time, Dr. Burtis enjoys reading and listening to music.

Available to Speak to Area Groups

Are you looking for a speaker or lecturer for your group, company or event? Dr. Burtis is available for lectures to groups or companies with topics on health or nutrition as well as chiropractic. Contact us to discuss the needs of your group and a convenient time.