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It’s that time of year; the time we scratch our heads and wonder, “What do we get dad for Father’s Day?” A tie? Dads don’t wear ties very often anymore. A hammer? A golf club? After all, ties, hammers, and golf clubs are three of the most common gifts for Father’s Day. Just spending time with your dad would be great, but is there something you could get him that he would really appreciate?

How about the gift of health?

You’re probably wondering, “How do you give the gift of health?” It’s especially tricky for a dad who probably isn’t that aware of the true state of his own health and the fact that he should be doing something about it. Let’s face it, many men do not put a real high priority on their own health. What if you could gently guide him in that direction? Dad gets to feel better and you get a healthier dad, so you both win!

Here’s one way you can do that: buy your dad high quality supplements that will give him some energy and vitality back. Not the cheap ones you can buy at the drugstore where you have no idea where they came from, not the cheap ones you can buy online, and please do not buy the ones from the crazy ads on TV.

Here’s a piece of advice for you: most men experience low testosterone. This affects many areas of life, including heart health-which is likely a surprise to most people. There are direct correlations between testosterone levels and the strength and health of your heart. How do you raise testosterone? You could do it with prescriptions, but then you are not bothering to find out why the low testosterone levels are happening in the first place.

Men naturally have less testosterone as they get older, but young men today have even less testosterone coursing through their veins than their grandfathers did 50 short years ago. Lower testosterone levels are getting more common throughout the world, and it has to do in large part with the chemicals in our environment. Two decades ago, the range for normal testosterone was between 500 to 1,500 ng/dL, meaning that below 500 ng/dL you were considered eligible to receive hormonal support therapy. Nowadays, the bottom range to be considered low testosterone is merely 300.

So why is this happening? Many chemicals are “estrogenic,” meaning they mimic estrogen. When men are exposed to these chemicals their testosterone levels decrease while estrogen levels increase. As a result, they gain weight and get crabby, weak, tired-you get the picture. Glyphosate is one of these chemicals which in lab experiments has been shown to lower testosterone levels by 35% at low doses! Bisphenol A (or BPA) is another of these chemicals. You may have seen water bottles labeled “BPA-free.” Still other chemicals include paraben, phthalates, soy products, and statin drugs-yes, the drug your dad’s doctor prescribed for his cholesterol may also be lowering his testosterone. Other drugs that may do the same include beta-blockers and SSRIs for depression.

To help, you can buy your dad a supplement that naturally reverses the effect of these testosterone blocking chemicals. At Burtis Chiropractic Center we have a few supplements available that do this quite well. We have seen before-and-after blood test results from men to prove it makes a change. You can also help your dad identify the things in his home or garage that may be lowering his testosterone, such as items containing the chemicals I mentioned earlier. By doing this you may help him feel younger, healthier, and stronger.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads, granddads, stepdads, and other father figures. May the year ahead be your healthiest, strongest, and most full of life.

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