“The Well-Life Screen blood test looks for early health risks in blood sugar, cholesterol, heart health, thyroid health, immune or autoimmune problems, digestive problems, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and vitamin/ mineral deficiencies.”

Americans spend more money, take more prescription drugs, undergo more testing and surgeries than any other country in the world and yet we are still one of the sickest nations. The reason is because the current medical model focuses on disease care. Disease care centers around drugs, surgery, suppressing systems and maintaining the current status of a disease… keeping it from getting worse. On the other hand, WELLNESS care seeks to find the underlying imbalances that are causing symptoms and removing those barriers which then allow the body to heal itself.

The life of the body is reflected in the blood. If you have healthy blood you will have a healthy body.

Based on Wellness Care Not Disease Care

The Well-Life screen is similar to a blood test that you might get in a hospital, but it is much more sensitive than a standard blood test. For example, typical blood tests will red flag blood sugar if the result is over 120. A blood sugar result this high would generally require prescription medications, medications that most patients are on for the rest of their life. Analyzing results in this way is a standard disease care. Identify a disease condition… prescribe a medication. But the Well Life Screen is a much more focused blood test, and will yellow flag a blood sugar reading over 95. The Well- Life Screen calls attention to your blood sugar in early warning stages when health challenges can be addressed with nutraceuticals and lifestyle changes rather than prescriptions medicines.

Most Doctors only take action when your blood sugar is over 120. However, health statistics show if your blood sugar is 100, you have a 96% chance of getting diabetes in the next 10 years. Why would you want to wait until you have diabetes before you begin treatment? And everyone agrees that early treatment is safer and more effective. Of course, wellness clinicians do understand that sometimes drugs or surgery ARE necessary in life threatening or temporary situations. However, the primary emphasis of the Well-Life Screen is not medication or surgery… It’s a screen to prescribe a path toward health and wellness.

The Well-Life Screen even includes a screen for vitamin D. Recent studies show that 3 out of 4 Americans are low in this important “sunshine” vitamin, even people who work outside. It is now proven that low vitamin D levels increase you risk of heart disease by 35% and raise your cancer risk by 14%. People with sufficient levels of vitamin D had an 11% reduction in death from all causes! Vitamin D has also been shown to be protective against diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure. Just finding out you are low in vitamin D would be worth taking this test.

Why Take the Test?

This test is recommended for anyone facing any type of nagging health challenges that you would like help with; including chronic fatigue, anxiety/depression, weight gain, chronic pain, allergies, autoimmune conditions, hormonal symptoms, and digestive issues.

This can be a turning point in how you feel, and in the quality of your life!

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