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Another year has come and gone. A year of struggles and triumph, of health ups and downs, and hopefully a year in which we all learned to take better care of ourselves so we are better able to handle life’s challenges.

Many of you started the year by revisiting the idea of resolutions. Getting back to the gym, eating better, getting more sleep, getting back to the chiropractor — all good things that can optimize your health and vitality. This year I want you to consider a different point of view. Rather than “getting back” to some place along the health spectrum you used to be, why not set some higher goals, some transformative goals? I want you to think of the last time you felt really good —high energy, great mental focus, great vitality, and resilience. Now I want you to think of feeling and being even better than that.

Unless you’ve ever trained for a high-end athletic endeavor like a triathlon, you have probably never experienced your true potential for great health and vitality. Why can’t that be your goal? One of our patients has a three-year goal to break school records in track and field. She is using chiropractic as part of that transformational journey to bring out the best version of her inner athlete. Another patient is using chiropractic to restart his journey to running an ultra-marathon — a 50- or 100-mile run!

Your goals may not be as lofty, but why not make your goal a bigger and better one than just feeling no pain? Using chiropractic and functional medicine may be great for that, but it’s like going to a Starbucks to buy black coffee. Just like Starbucks can make you a highly-personalized, fancy coffee that’s just to your liking, chiropractic and functional medicine uses an individualized plan to help you achieve almost any health goals you can think of; it goes so far beyond just relieving pain. When you begin to realize the massive potential your mind and body have when synchronized and optimized, you begin to see the potential for transformation that we all have.

You see, a resolution is all fine and dandy, but most of us “break” that resolution within a few weeks. Then again, most of your resolutions are big on intention and short on vision or a specific action plan. You want to go to the gym? That’s great, but why? To lose weight? You can lose twenty pounds in some very unhealthy ways. But a health “transformation”? To transform, to fundamentally change and improve your health and vitality, now that is a goal that will inspire you. When transformation is your goal, the health comes naturally, the weight loss comes naturally, the sleep and energy improve naturally.

Many of our functional medicine patients who come in seeking transformation do lose weight, and in a healthy, long-lasting way. With chiropractic to transform your nervous system, supplements to restore and heal your gut and other systems, and dietary advice to get your engine running clean again, all these things happen as a result of your commitment to change your life.

At Burtis Chiropractic, our goal has always been to bring out your best health. Recently we spent quite a bit of time trying to put that into words that better suit our vision for ourselves and our patients. We decided on the word “transformation” to differentiate what you can do with your health, as opposed to what many people see health care as doing. Let’s be honest, a lot of people settle for pain relief when they think of health care. An aspirin can give you pain relief; it cannot make you healthy (no one is suffering from an aspirin deficiency)! But restoring your nervous system (through chiropractic), restoring your biological systems (through functional medicine), and giving your body great clean energy (through dietary changes) can help you experience the transformation you deserve and desire.
Resolve to do that and turn your resolutions into transformation!


Dr. Burtis, MS, DC, CFMP, has been providing natural healthcare to the Fairmont area at Burtis Chiropractic Center for over 30 years. He uses a combination of chiropractic, nutrition, and functional medicine to help individuals restore and maintain health and healing through individualized care plans. The mission of Burtis Chiropractic Center is to provide transformational healthcare that takes an individual’s life to the next level. We strive to be a solution for families to experience transformational healthcare and help create vibrant and resilient lifestyles that can be passed to future generations.

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